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Pandora CAMPER

Control from..  

  • OEM factory remote.

  • Bluetooth Immobiliser tag

  • Smartphone - Pandora online/Pro 

  • Smart watch IOS or Android

  • Handsfree Arming & Disarming

  • Antihijack *optional extra

  • Remote start *optional extra

  • GSM Control

  • GPS & GLONASS Tracking

Pandora car alarms camper Campervan secu


  • Three button used for Lock/Arm - Disarm & Function button.

  • Built in rechargeable LI-LON battery.

  • Full alarm notification displayed on OLED screen

remote_D-030 BT_3D (front)_en-min.png
DMS-100_3D_clear edit-min.png


  • Built in digital accelerometer detecting motion & shock sensor for Impact 

  • Magnetic read switch detects opening of doors or windows.

  • Easy to replaceable battery with up to a years battery life.

  • Easily mounted 

  • Can be mounted on roof racks, bike racks, garage doors, external storage boxes, doors or windows.


Real time vehicle location and tracking. An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions.

Pandora car alarms camper Campervan secu
Pandora LIght Pro Car Alarm immobilisere
remote_D-030 BT_3D (front)_en-min.png


The Pandora Camper features 1x Bluetooth immobiliser tag & 1x Bluetooth D030 tag which includes a digital display as standard


All of our Pandora alarm packages now feature a wireless 120db back-up battery siren to comply Thatcham standards.

Pandora car alarms camper Campervan secu


Bluetooth ID Tags & Real time tracking & SmartPhone control through both Bluetooth & GSM.


The Camper is a NEW type of car security system, designed to put you in full control of your vehicle, all through your SmartPhone. Why carry an extra LCD key fobs when everyone has a smartphone. The system works by detecting Pandora’s Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle. The Camper connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth when close to the vehicle and GSM when out of Bluetooth range, keeping you connected to your vehicle 24/7 anywhere in the world. Full alarm notifications will instantly appear on your smartphone if your vehicle is attacked. You can then open the smartphone app and monitor exact parameters and location of your vehicle. From here you can shut the vehicle down by simply calling the alarm system and entering your secret code, disabling all keys and Immobiliser tags. Works with both IOS & Android. Special «Stay Home» mode protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments even when owners are inside the motorhome.

  • Bluetooth short range OLED remote,

  • GSM smartphone control Anywhere in the world

  • Tracking and real time location

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

  • Smartwatch control

  • 6 months free subscription*

  • 1 x Pandora immobiliser tag

  • 4 x Bluetooth motion sensors

  • Minimum of 2 x immobiliser points

  • Controlled from vehicle factory remote.

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android

  • 128 Bit Encryption on tags and app

  • 120db siren

  • Tilt sensor - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.

  • Dual Shock sensor - Detects hard impact Light impact. 

  • Motion - Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.

  • 4 x Bluetooth wireless sensors - which can be fitted too doors, external storage box or roof/bike rack, 

  • Handsfree arming & disarming 

  • Option to add - Remote engine start.

  • Ultra low power consumption 

  • Stay home mode

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