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Pandora Elite Mini BT 


Elite Long Range Remote
Pandora Window LED
Bluetooth Tags
5 Sensors
Thatcham CAT1


Pandora phone and immobiliser tag sold by jp auto services
Pandora car alarms eliote v2 stolen car 2-min.png
pandora elite antenna -min.png

Long Range Remote

Exclusive Package

The wireless Pandora window LED flashes the Pandora Logo when armed and also works with the Elite long range remote as it also acts as an antenna to allow a long range working distance which could be upto 1mile away.

Bluetooth Tags

Features 2x Tags

NEW Immobiliser tag design!
128-bit dialogue encryption which allows for secure use of OEM factory remote. Without the the immobiliser tag being present the alarm system will simply not disarm or allow the vehicle to start

pandora car alarms immobiliser tag sold by jp auto services
Pandora mini bt app android

Pandora BT app

New mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Pandora BT puts you in control of your car, giving you bluetooth control all from your smartphone or tablet.

Arm & disarm your Pandora system, Monitor important vehicle parameters such as engine temperature, fuel level, battery voltage.

*Remote start not included. Pandora remote start with the mini BT CANNOT be added, please contact us to discuss the installation of remote start. This will also need to be fitted at an extra cost. Engine temp and fuel readings are vehicle dependant. Not all vehicles will show all these readings.


The Pandora MINI BT V3 features 5 sensors as standard with complete history of alarm triggers via the smartphone app. The sensors included in this package are

Shock Warn Away
Motion (Internal Interior Motion)

The Pandora MINI BT can also add up to 4 wireless DMS sensors that feature a shock and accelerometer sensor built in. These are ideal for tradesmans vans to help protect items in the rear load area in the event of the rear doors being drilled or peeled back.

JP Auto Services pandora mini bt phone app sensors
Pandora Mini BT Thatcham Approval mark

A Thatcham Approved CAT1 Status means this product has met Thatcham's testing requirements resulting in possible lower insurance premiums. In some case's insurance companies may ask for a minimum Thatcham category to be able to insure your vehicle.

Product Description


Designed for the customer who wants ultimate security encryption to protect their vehicle against car theft and key scanning, but still want controlled by your OEM factory key fob and a minimum of 2x Immobilisation points on the vehicle. Also includes Pandora BT Bluetooth app for smartphone control and alarm adjustment.The Mini BT system works by detecting Pandora’s Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle (distance can be set by the installer but also fine tuned using Smartphone app by the owner up too 1-10m) if the tag is detected close to the vehicle, the alarm will allow the system to be disarmed through your factory fob or through your cars keyless entry system. No need to carry any extra large key fobs and protects your vehicle from the latest threat of key scanning and RollJam. 




Vehicles perimeters

All our Pandora systems are designed to work on almost any vehicle. But every vehicle manufacturer is different. On most installs, our systems talk digitally through the vehicles CANbus network or by adding external temperature sensors. The information read by the alarm system through the CANbus network won't always be exact. Therefore  in some small cases the fuel, temperature and other vehicle perimeters may not display on the Pandora app vehicle dependent. If they do display, most of the time we can adjust to be as close as we can to the true reading. Normally between 0-20% of the original vehicle reading itself. 

Vehicles factory OEM alarm systems.

Most modern cars are fitted with a factory immobiliser and/or alarm system. These alarms can be updated by the vehicle manufacturer at anytime when your vehicle goes in for a service or remotely at anytime through the SIM card built into the vehicles BCM. To gain control of the OEM alarm system on any vehicle fully, we sometimes need to use an external Pandora Module (POA) which controls your spare OEM remote. This then gives your Pandora system full control of your Factory settings, including on some vehicles mirror closure, dead locks, roof closure and control of the OEM arm and disarm. On some vehicles if the extra module is not used, you will still be able to arm the pandora and lock the vehicle through your OEM remote and the Pandora remote/app. However on some vehicles, You can disarm the Pandora and unlock the car remotely through the OEM remote, but not through pressing disarm on the Pandora control. Please ask your installer for more information on your vehicle. 

We have found the motion and warn away sensor only work on a number of vehicles. Some vehicles that are fitted with internal factory and aftermarket electrical devices can interfere with the sensor causing intermittent false alarms. Factory fitted DAB antennas, internet modems or dongles, security sensors and other aftermarket wireless devices including dash cams, can cause interference to the sensor causing Intermittent false alarms. The sensor is FREE with this package. Your installer will fit this sensor to your vehicle unless you choose not to. If after the system is fitted and the sensor does false alarm, it will need to be disabled in the smartphone app. Most of the time the false alarms are caused by the sensor being set too high. And simply turning it down through the smartphone app will stop most false alarms. However, It is advised that you do not buy this alarm system solely for this sensor as it may not work on your vehicle and may need switching off. 

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