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StarLine i96 v2 CAN-BUS Immobiliser

From £350 fitted

The StarLine i96 is the first immobiliser in the world that features a 3xCAN interface. It is engineered taking into account the architecture of the newest vehicle models’ on-board electronics — for error-free installation and seamless integration with the vehicle’s OEM protocols, ensuring fast, easy, and error-free installation with minimal intrusion to the vehicle’s native wiring and electronic components.

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StarLine i96 immobiliser supports multi owner authentication. The end-user can choose 1 or several stages of driver recognition. This includes a personal smartphone, StarLine BT smart tag, and/or PIN code entered on the vehicle’s dash buttons (Only on specific vehicles). Any one combination of these can be used.

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The I96 works with an ADR tag that disarms the immobiliser. This has an 128bit encryption and works on the bluetooth 4.2 wave length meaning it cannot be cloned or scanned.

003 - CANBUS Engine Blocking.png

The Starline I96 CAN supports digital CAN blocking and analogue blocking. Making the I96 one of the most secure immobilisers on the market to date.

The StarLine i96 has a built-in accelerometer (motion sensor). It is possible to immobilise the engine upon motion detection in regular or anti-hijack mode, and this insures that the immobiliser does not conflict with a remote engine starter system of any brand that might be installed on the vehicle.

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