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Cobra Alarms

Anti - Key Theft & Cloning 

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Cobra 4615 With ADR

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Key Features

- Built In Immobiliser Circuit


- Diagnostic LED function


- Wireless Battery Back-up Siren


- Optional Additional Sensors


- Self Adjusting Ultrasonic Sensors included


- Ignition Detection


- ADR card with High Security disarm

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The Cobra 4615 ADR system is perfect for protecting your vehicle from theft. All of our 4615 ADR packages feature the 'HIGH SECURITY DISARM' option, which doesn't allow the alarm system to disarm without the ADR card being in range. This means that even if the original keys are stolen, the alarm will simply not disarm without that ADR card.

This Package is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1 upgrade, so any vehicle already fitted with an exisiting CAT2 immobiliser now attains a CAT1 status.

Optional additional sensors

 - Glass Break Sensor

 - Shock Sensor

 - Tilt Sensor

 - Microwave Sensor

 - Van Load Area Sensor






3 Key Functions

1) Passive crank inhibition - When the vehicle is unlocked, the system goes into a pre disarmed state. It will fully disarm if the ADR card is detected and the vehicle will be authorised to start. If the card is not detected the vehicle will be immobilised until a valid driver card is detected or the correct pin code is entered into the system via the LED control panel.


2) High security disarm - When the vehicle remote gives the command to unlock, the 4615 will enter the pre disarm state and will wait for 15 seconds. At this point it will try to detect a recognised ADR card for a further 15 seconds. I f a card is not detected,t he system will go into full alarm trigger. The 4615 system will flash the vehicle hazard lights and the siren will be activated for a period of 30 seconds or until a valid ADR card is detected or correct pin code is entered via the LED control panel.


3) Passive Immoblisation - If the vehicle is hijacked whilst driving and the driver is forced from the vehicle, the system will try to detect a valid ADR card. If the card is not detected, after 90 seconds, the system will go into full alarm trigger. The alarm will sound for 30 seconds and repeat after 15 seconds. At this point, if the vehicle ignition is cycled, it will then be immobilised. The system will only allow a reset if either a valid driver card or the correct pin code is entered into the LED control panel.

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