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CAT S5 & S7

The ultimate tracking protection system for your vehicle!

Vodafones Protect & Connect S5 & S7 range: Vehicle Tracking and Asset Location Systems

You've invested in your pride and joy. Know that it is safe with Vodafone’s Protect & Connect trackers, which monitor your vehicle so you don’t have to.

Vehicle Crime: The Facts

  • Every 6 minutes, a vehicle is stolen in the UK (IAATI UK)

  • Over 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered (Europol)

  • Vehicles are often stolen to order and shipped abroad

Advancements in telematics technology, such as Vodafone Protect & Connect tracking systems, are at the forefront of countering these trends. By providing industry-leading, specialist stolen vehicle tracking protection,

you can rest assured that if the worst does happen, there's unparalleled support on hand to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible.

These systems use the latest GPS/ GPRS/GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unrivalled service levels, with recovery of vehicles via police liaison conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive's
network of Secure Operating Centres across 54 countries globally.*

Plus, with the growing issue of keyless theft - where criminals use relay devices to trick cars into thinking the legitimate key is nearby - now risks becoming standard practice.

We're a trusted brand

You can be assured, major global brands trust Vodafone Automotive and its products. These include Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz Truck, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Škoda, Tesla, Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Thatcham accredited and recognised by insurers

Protect & Connect 5

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Engine Immobilisation

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) 

Thathcam CAT S5 accreditation


With added Remote Engine Immobilisation this enables Vodafone Automotive to send an alert to the vehicle as soon as they have authorisation from the Police Force dealing with the vehicle. This then prevents the engine being restarted once it comes to a standstill and significantly increases the chance of your vehicle being recovered undamaged, plus also helping the Police by avoiding a high speed pursuit of suspect vehicles.



The driver card is a discreet pocket-sized card that you carry with you whenever you drive your vehicle. On leaving your vehicle, the system automatically arms itself.

If the vehicle is moved without the driver card present, Vodafone Automotive's Secure Operating Centre is alerted instantly to a potential theft. This means that even if your vehicle is taken using your own keys, the theft is detected immediately


Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 conforms to the highest level of insurance accreditation for stolen vehicle tracking systems, Thatcham Category S5. As such, it offers you the ultimate security protection for your vehicle to prevent vehicle theft.

Protect & Connect 6





This alert is triggered when the vehicle is moved without the ignition being switched on, which helps alert the owner that the vehicle is moving without their knowlage



 'GSM jammers' are devices that can block the GPS signal from tracking devices in an attempt to stop the vehicle's location from being monitored or detected. Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 automatically sends a jamming alert when an attempt is made to jam the GSM signal and triggers the alert


The Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 system has the added value of being Thatcham Category S7 approved over the standard Protect and connect tracker. Category S7 is the second highest possible insurance tracking system accrediation and as such, offers you serious protection for your vehicle against car theft.


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My Connected Web/App

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Pinpoint Vehicle Locator: 

This feature enables you to keep an eye on the location of your vehicle from wherever you are, and includes being able to view your vehicle on satellite Google maps.


Car Finder Route (Driving and Walking): 

Can't remember where you parked? Car finder shows you the quickest way to get back to your vehicle with real-time directions.


Trip reports: 

The trip report function gives you access to your latest and historical journey data. You can view your journeys in the apps calendar and see journey time, locations, distance travelled, and speed data including top and average speed.



Set a Geofence zone and receive an in-app notification if your vehicle enters or leaves that area.

Speed Alert: Set a specific speed limit and receive an in-app notification if you exceed that limit.

Multiple vehicles: You can register up to 10 vehicles available in one account.


SOS button: 

You can send a direct alert to the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre to report an incident.



Perform your own system health check.


Special modes: 

Simply activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode without the need to contact our customer service team.