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Here at JP Auto Services we can supply and fit a variety of different factory options that your car did not come with from parking sensors to heated seats while keeping the Car/Van OEM

We offer other optional extra's such as vehicle security, cruise control retrofits that will require a new stalk that then will need to be fitted and coded to the vehicle

Golf Puddle lights

Above photo is a 2010 Golf GTD that did not come with the factory puddle lights in the mirrors, now they have been retrofitted and coded to the car so they activate on the coming home/welcome lights or simply when a door is opened

Sytner mini rear sensors
Front Sprinter sensors
Sprinter Rear sensors

All parking sensors come with a 1 year warranty and will be colour coded to your vehicle. We have a variety of dealerships that we supply parking sensors for where these can be addon on last minute after the car has already been ordered.

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