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Changing the Disarm Code

This can be done at any time but there are few things that you will need know before you can complete this process successfully.

  1. What buttons are available on your vehicle

  2. If your vehicle is using the alternative to the accelerator input

  3. What your indication signal is and how fast it reacts (note: some vehicles have slow indications that are fine for normal operation but can be confusing when in sequence change mode).

  4. Each button press needs to be within 2 seconds of the previous button press otherwise the Ghost will consider the sequence completed

  5. Some buttons are only active up to 5 seconds after the ignition has been switched on

  6. Some buttons require a longer press (half a second) before activating, a short press may not register. Keep an eye on the indication signal for confirmation of each press.

  7. The disarm sequence can be between 4 and 20 presses of any of the working buttons

  8. The service mode button however can only be used 4 times in the disarm sequence


Decide on your new sequence before starting this procedure!

To start the process you need to have either the normal disarm sequence or the emergency override code (on the card).

Normal procedure:

  1. Switch on your vehicle ignition.

  2. Enter the current disarm sequence (DO NOT START THE ENGINE!).

  3. Press and hold the accelerator pedal to thefloor.

  4. Enter the current disarm sequence again.

  5. The Ghost will now be in learn mode, the indication signal will flash every 3 seconds to confirm this. You may now release the accelerator pedal.

  6. Enter your new code (This will follow with 3flashes of the signal indication)

  7. Enter your new code again (This will follow with 2 flashes of the signal indication if done correctly, 4 if there was an error if so start from step one again.

Pairing a New Mobile Phone

Upgraded or replaced your mobile phone? Simply restoring from a back up will not work so you will need to re-pair your new device.

To do this you will need to do the following:

  1. Download the Ghost V1 or V2 app depending on the version of your installed Ghost. Note: V1 will not work on android.

  2. Start the Ghost App

  3. Press the + button (V2) or Settings > Pair with vehicle (V1)

  4. Switch on the Vehicles ignition, Do not start the engine.

  5. Disarm the Ghost by entering your unique code.

  6. Activate disarm sequence change mode(press accelerator pedal to the floor – oralternative, enter the disarm sequence again,release the accelerator once the indicationsignal starts to flash once every 3 seconds)

  7. Press the service button once

  8. Enter the Bluetooth PIN connection code as itappears on your emergency card in the pop-up box on your smartphone

  9. Press the button in the centre to activate smartphone authorisation.

  10. Switch Ignition off.

For V1 Users - if you have note removed active pairing with the vehicle with your previous mobile phone, you will need to force remove the mobile as this will still be stored.

Before the above steps 1-7 you will need to do the following

  1. Initiate Pin Code learning

  2. Relearn the same code you already have saved.

  3. The signal indication will flash rapidly to confirm your mobile details have been cleared.

  4. Switch off ignition

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