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Do you own a FORD FIESTA? If so this is a must read!

As we all are awaiting the futuristic self-driving cars, all of the manufactures are trying new features to help make every day driving easier and less stressful. One of these features is keyless entry.

Did you know that vehicles with keyless entry are more of a risk of being stolen than a car with normal remote central locking? This is because unfortunately, the key is constantly giving out a signal, and these tiny little sensors around the vehicle are constantly looking for this signal.

So what happens if someone boosts this signal from your key, which is in the house?

Well this is exactly what is happening day to day with more advanced car thieves, they boost the signal straight from your key to your car using what is known as a 'relay device'. This then allows the thief to open the door and start the car by tricking your vehicle to think that the key is present.

Most people look on the net for 'faraday pouches’, which unfortunately will only work for so long before the lining inside begins to break down from opening and closing it with day-to-day use.

Even more unfortunately, Ford vehicles are not just being stolen using this method. Because a key blade is no longer needed, thieves are able to just program their own key straight to your vehicle in under 2 minutes flat. Now it is not just FORD that has this issue, there are a few other big manufactures, some that have recalled the vehicles for in the past, but the issue still lies.

Protecting your car with just an immobiliser would stop your car from being stolen via these metods.

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