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Stop thieves in their tracks with this Thatcham Category 2 quality immobiliser The Cobra A8510 is a two circuit immobiliser with touch key operation.


The Cobra 8510 provides dual circuit immobilisation and is easy to use. The vehicle remains immobilised until the driver touches the touch key onto the receptacle. And once the driver turns the ignition off the immobiliser automatically rearms.




  • Ideal for vehicles that don't have an immobiliser fitted as standard.
  • Ideal for classic cars.
  • Simple to use. Just Touch the key onto the receptacle and away we go.
  • The immobiliser is armed once the ignition has been turned off for more than thirty seconds.
  • Dual circuit immobilisation
  • Automatic system arming - passive arming
  • Electronic touch key arm and disarm
  • 2 keys provided
  • LED Status indication
  • Ignition on safety circuit
  • Insurance approved CAT2


Mobile installation available, please contact us before purchasing as this may be chargable depending on your location.


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