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Introducing the META BLE42 immobiliser. This system features "passive arming" which in short means that there is no need to physically arm the system. This package includes 2 Driver Recognition Tags as well as an Emergency Override code. The BLE will disarm itself when the Driver Card is within 2 metres of the vehicle or when opening the door and tag is present. This system can protect & prevent unauthorised use of your vehicle from key & relay theft.


This system is programmable to flash the hazard lights 10seconds after the the vehicle has had an attempted start without the tag present, vehicle horn is also programmable. 


Mainly used for newer cars such as the BMW G series vehicles


Included in this package:

- 3 Year Warranty

- Emergency code overide

- 2x Driver ID tag

- Automatic Arming

- 12 & 24v installations available

- Button/LED

META BLE 42 Immobiliser

£449.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price
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