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The Meta M36T2 features 2 Point Immobilisation and is also a Thatcham-approved category 2 immobiliser that's renowned for its reliability and ease of use. No gimmicks, No apps this works with a simple touch-key that has a status LED status light and made using ultra-secure resin-bonded construction.


Why do we recommend the Meta M36T2? Well as this features analogue immobilisation plus the all black wiring makes it extremely hard to bypass. So without the Immobiliser tags the vehicle simply will not start. Add in the factor of the heavy duty wiring which makes it so the immobiliser can withstand high amperage immobilisation cuts.

This makes the M36T2 the go to thatcham approved immobiliser.


The price listed is the usual fitted price, this price can vary from vehicle to vehicle and does not include mobile fitting out of a 20mile range. Please contact us for any mobile fitting requests first via the chat/facebook/E-mail or Phone.


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