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Meta Trak S5 offers full protection against key cloning and key scanning due to the the ADR tag timing out after a short period. The Meta tags also work on a secure 868Mhz frequency. 


What is the difference between the VTS CAT S5 and CAT S7 units? The S5 VTS features ADR tags for driver recognition compared to a standard S7 system which is simply just a tracking device. Changes in the Thatcham accreditation process means that now the S5 range doesn't need an immobiliser included to gain a CAT S5 status, so now an engine immobiliser is optional. This means you get a cheaper and more cost effective installation.


  • Professional Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Secure Operating Centre Monitoring
  • Latest satellite location technology
  • Driver ID Tag
  • Engine Immobilisation (Optional)
  • Journey Scoring
  • Journey history
  • Real-time tracking via app/web
  • Smartphone App
  • Web Portal
  • 3yr Warranty
  • European Coverage
  • CAT S5  Insurance Approved


Subscription charges

1 year £169.95

3 year £ 449.95


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