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This package allows you to upgrade the system to include the same features as the Pandora Elite.

What is the difference between this package and the standard smart pro package?

• Long range remote

• Pandora Window LED/Antenna

• Wireless immobiliser*optional

Why go for this package over the Elite?

The Elite system is aimed at older vehicles due to the amount of inputs and outputs on the alarm system. The Smart Pro doesn't have as many inputs & inputs as they aren't needed on more modern vehicles.

Ultimate control and tracking solution – you can use OEM car Remote, Bluetooth Tags, Smartphone app and web browser to access system’s vast functionality.

​Built-in GSM modem allows system to make calls, take commands via a phone, and deliver telemetry to any web device you have.

Remote start system with integrated bypass of original immobilizers for many popular car makes automatic engine start options, turbotimer and control over engine preheater. Please note that remote start, preheater or turbo timer is NOT included with any Pandora package.

Built-in shock, shock warn, movement, motion and tilt sensors supported by ingenious adaptive algorithms provide smart protection. Small in size and easy to use, the system reliably works even in extreme weather condition

Bluetooth 5.0 Support

You can control your system using Bluetooth mobile application (without 3G/GPRS connection). Bluetooth protocol allows you to install additional modules such as a BT blocking relay, a BT engine compartment module and other.

Built-in 2G/3G & NOW 4G interface

2G/3G/4G connection expands a zone where you can control the system and receive alarm and service notifications to the cellular network coverage area. You can control your car from anywhere.

Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

A built-in receiver has low power consumption, high sensitivity and minimum response time after ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ start. It ensures reliable tracking under conditions of low GPS/GLONAS signal level and urban areas.

Immobilizer bypass and Cloning Technology

Immo-key port and Pandora Clone service allows to implement algorithmic bypass of the original immobilizer and remote engine start on the most of modern cars.

Mobile application

New Android and iOS applications provide detailed service information, events history. It allows changing the system settings, controlling the main functions of the system (arming/disarming, control over engine and engine preheaters). Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to use your phone as a radio tag to implement Hands Free function.

Wireless Immobiliser*

The Elite Smart Pro package is also capable of adding on a wireless immobiliser. With no wires running back to the alarm system, this immobiliser is virtually impossible to find. This immobiliser is only available on certain vehicles and is not included in the package. The wireless immobiliser is an extra £150, Please contact us first to see if this can be fitted to your vehicle.​

Bluetooth tag

A miniature Bluetooth tag is included in the system set. The tag has a button for arming/disarming. Bluetooth interface allows to implement a reliable Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance.

Pandora Elite Smart Pro

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