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The Pandora Light Pro is one of the securest car alarm systems in the world, with its state of the art 128bit dialogue encrypted OLED long range remote and immobiliser tag.


No other after market alarms system in the world offers this high encryption or technology in their systems remotes. In the wireless key hacking world we live in, you can an add as many engine immobiliser and sensors as you like to your car alarm! But if the thief can grab and control your remotes signal using the latest key hacking technology, used on our streets each night, they can simply switch your system and all the immobiliser off, with out even stepping foot inside your vehicle. 


The Pandora light pro not only protects your vehicle from the latest vehicle theft attacks, including OBD port key cloning, Key scanning and most importantly, Relay theft or RollJam. The light Pro still allows you to securely but most importantly conveniently control your vehicle using your factory remote. 


When the Pandora immobiliser tag is close to the car (range set by user) it allows you to still securely lock and unlock the vehicle using the factory remote, but fully protected by Pandora.  If the Tag isn't seen by the car alarm system, the Pandora Light pro and its secure engine immobiliser will not disarm, keeping your vehicle secured and on the drive where you left it.

All our Pandora systems come with at least 5 additional sensors to give your car alarm the eyes and ears needed to protect your vehicle.


-Hard impact sensor with warn away - Detects hard impact to the vehicle.

-Movement sensor with accelerometer - Protects against vehicle towing or pushing

-Tilt sensor - Protects against wheel theft and car lifting

-Shock Sensor - Detects soft impact to vehicle 

All sensors can be adjusted from the Bluetooth smartphone app and the OLED long range remote.

- Internal Motion Sensor


Remote start is not included with any Pandora Package

Pandora LIGHT PRO V2

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