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The STERLING-EXCEL immobiliser is an insurance approved car immobiliser system and is ideal for the vast majority of vehicles on the market today. 


This is a two circuit immobiliser system which uses a transponder type tags that has been rigorously tested by Thatcham, and passed as a Thatcham Category 2 vehicle immobiliser.


Using advanced transponder technology, the Sterling Excel requires no interaction from the driver of the vehicle to arm the system. The Sterling Excel automatically arms 30 seconds after the ignition is switched to the off position and disarms once either of the two coded transponder tags are brought into close proximity of the transponder ring which is hidden in the vehicle.


Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser system, providing dual circuit immobilisation protection

  • Supplied with 2 x two coded transponder tags

  • Red status LED

Security Features

  • 2 x coded transponder tags with an excess of 18 trillion different tag code combinations available (programmable, water and shock resistant. Lost or stolen transponder tags can also be programmed out)

  • Dual circuit immobilisation (18 amp continuous/30 amp max)

  • Passive immobilisation occurs 60 seconds after turning off the ignition, or instantly once the driver’s door is opened

  • Transponder ring can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle (only the owner will know where this is fitted).


Convenience Features

  • Passive immobilisation

  • Four transponder tags can be programmed in at any one time

  • Visual status LED

Sterling Excel (CAT2)

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