The ultimate tracking protection system for your vehicle!


All Prices include 1 Year subscription as standard.


Renewal Prices are as follows:

Protect & Connect S5 Advanced
1 Year £217.00 - 3 Years £586.00 - 5 Years £868.00
Protect & Connect S5 Plus
1 Year £189.00 - 3 Years £511.00 - 5 Years £756.00
Protect & Connect S5
1 Year £159.00 - 3 Years £430.00 - 5 Years £636.00
Protect & Connect S7

1 Year £99.00 - 3 Years £268.00 - 5 Years £396.00

Vodafones Protect & Connect S5 & S7 range: Vehicle Tracking and Asset Location Systems

You've invested in your pride and joy. Know that it is safe with Vodafone’s Protect & Connect trackers, which monitor your vehicle so you don’t have to.

Vehicle Crime: The Facts

  • Every 6 minutes, a vehicle is stolen in the UK (IAATI UK)

  • Over 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered (Europol)

  • Vehicles are often stolen to order and shipped abroad

Advancements in telematics technology, such as Vodafone Protect & Connect tracking systems, are at the forefront of countering these trends. By providing industry-leading, specialist stolen vehicle tracking protection,

you can rest assured that if the worst does happen, there's unparalleled support on hand to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible.

These systems use the latest GPS/ GPRS/GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unrivalled service levels, with recovery of vehicles via police liaison conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive's
network of Secure Operating Centres across 54 countries globally.*

Plus, with the growing issue of keyless theft - where criminals use relay devices to trick cars into thinking the legitimate key is nearby - now risks becoming standard practice.

We're a trusted brand

You can be assured, major global brands trust Vodafone Automotive and its products. These include Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz Truck, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Se